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We carry out all types of earthworks and sanitation, realization of trenches for pipelines.

The earthworks vary considerably from one site to another, depending on the layout of the site, the volume of the building, the nature of the terrain (rock, sand, etc.). A compact soil will limit the collapse of the walls which will inevitably occur in a soil formed of alluvial deposits. The greatest difficulties arise when a non-homogeneous soil, formed of a rock bank adjacent to a more loose ground, is encountered. The foundation of the construction requires reinforced foundations.

Earthmoving operations are necessary at several stages of construction:

  • Main excavations, leveling, realization of access road …
  • Rigoles of foundations
  • Trenches for connections, evacuations …
  • Sanitation, laying of the pit all water, filter …
  • Drainage, backfilling, soil replenishment