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Foundations are an essential building block. They constitute a rigid base which supports the mass of the whole house and distributes this load on the ground so that the building can not move. The surface of the foundations is calculated so that the pressure is lower than the resistance of the soil and in all circumstances (heavy rain, drought, frost …).

The reinforcement of the foundations consists of several parallel bars of high adhesion steel connected by pins or frames. The sizing and structure of reinforcements depends on the constraints related to the weight of the building and the nature of the soil.

The construction of a concrete pavement in a basement can be envisaged before mounting the partitioning, which makes it possible to work clean in all the following phases. This operation is done according to the same rules that one is inside or outside:

  • Surface pickling,
  • Drainage if necessary,
  • Installation of a geotextile,
  • Installation of ducts and pipes (flow, siphons, manholes …),
  • Spreading of a blockage (hedgehog) of crushed rock (10/50) and stabilization,
  • Laying a welded mesh,
  • Installation of a polyane film (to prevent the rising of moisture),
  • Casting of concrete.