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Art works

The constructor in Structures works on various construction sites like bridges and industrial buildings, etc., as well as on construction sites of punctual works (retaining walls, etc.). He carries out 4 mains operations:

  • The formwork, or the elaboration of the mold in the will be cast concrete;
  • Reinforcement, or installation of metal reinforcements in the mold to arm (consolidate) the concrete;
  • Concreting, or casting of concrete in the mold;
  • Demoulding, or stripping of the part, is a delicate operation because it is necessary to keep the concrete intact without damaging the formwork.

He can trace and install structures, assemble and dismantle scaffolding and shoring, construct and install wooden formwork, lay and lay down a formwork tool, make a reinforced concrete work, make the prefabricated elements of a structure , Securely use small gear and check for compliance and quality of execution.